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We possess a holistic program where we mentor and develop people in sales and marketing and also educate them about various aspects of the business in order to develop the necessary skills and abilities so as to become a better professional.

We provide Certification through ECSTATIC ADVANTAGE CERTIFICATION PROGRAM to all the zealous individuals at every level of progression, that will not only add value to their skills but also act as a stepping stone in their career growth.


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We impart organic growth to every individual, which facilitates the equal opportunity of progression to showcase their skills and potential by their own performance and achievements for attaining higher levels in the organisation. 

Business Associate:

             Learn the essentials of face-to-face Marketing, customer engagement and sales efficiency.


             Become a skilled leader at sales and marketing and advance to leadership roles maximize to business performance.

Crew Leader:

             At this stage, learn the basics of human resource development, through hiring and training and developing individuals, expanding crew and delivering targets.

Executive Crew Leader:

             Learn the technique of managing a commercially sound team and effectively plan the sales and business strategy for the growth of individuals.

Assistant Owner:

             Become skilled at managing, coaching, monitoring and motivating a team to maximize business performance.


            Strategize, plan and manage resources and clients; Run and own your marketing unit using your business decisions and decide its growth and profitability.

Here you start as a Business Associate and gradually rise at every level in business development and business management. 

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